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Car Accidents

Car accidents happen on California roads and highways all the time, with most being fender benders where no one is seriously injured. However, if you or a loved one has suffered a significant injury due to the negligence of another party, you may be entitled to compensation to cover lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering.
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Pedestrian vs Auto

Pedestrian accidents are extremely dangerous for an obvious reason—heavy motor vehicles traveling at any speed can cause severe injuries to unprotected individuals. If you or a loved one has been in a pedestrian accident, call Ricks & Associates right away.
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Personal Injury

If you or a loved one has suffered physically or emotionally due to somebody else's negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. Your likelihood of securing this compensation will increase substantially if you work with Kenneth Ricks, a respected San Bernardino personal injury lawyer. Additionally, Ricks & Associates is an excellent resource to turn to if you have been accused of negligence.
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